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Dr. Carley and her son Joey before the following judicial criminals played their parts in separating him from his Mom because his Mom will not stop speaking the truth:

1. Nassau County Supreme Court Judge Peter Skelos (brother of vaccine promoting NYS Senator Dean Skelos) who recused himself from Dr. Carley's divorce case after she put the aforementioned conflict of interest on the record, but not before he transferred the custody determination to the family court;

2. Nassau County Family Court Judge Richard Lawrence, who ignored evidence of Joseph's abuse by his biological father (see affidavit of foster mother) and had Dr. Carley sent for a psych evaluation when she asked on the record if he was following the Constitution; who was sued by Dr Carley in Federal Court for 28 violations of her & Joseph's civil rights, yet refused to recuse himself and gave custody to Joseph's abuser:

3. Nassau County Supreme Court Judge Anthony Falenga, who granted Dr Carley a divorce due to domestic violence (which in itself by law precluded the father from getting custody), committed a class E felony in destruction of physical evidence by ordering subpoenaed police officers NOT to show up in court, yet refused to make a custody determination based on the domestic violence against Dr. Carley;

4. NYS Administrative Judge Florence Monwe, who told Dr Carley she will never see her son again if Dr Carley does not go off TV and stop doing her work (after telling Dr Carley that her own son has insulin dependent diabetes after receiving all his vaccines);

5. Attorney General (now EX-governor, CLIENT # 9) Elliot Spitzer, who ignored a request from Nassau County Legislature attorney Sharon Commissionig (after Dr Carley appeared in front of the Nassau County Legislature and entered the proof of the corruption and fraud in the aforementioned proceedings onto the record) to investigate Dr Carley's case (see letter from NC majority counsel), but instead represented Judge Richard Lawrence (at taxpayer's expense) in Dr Carley's federal suit against Judge Richard Lawrence, getting the case dismissed because he claimed Judge Richard Lawrence is "immune, even though corrupt".

Interestingly, all of the aforementioned proof of conspiracy was not allowed into evidence in Dr Carley's NYS medical board hearings charging her with having a "delusion of conspiracy".

Note that the same NYS Medical board which deemed that Dr. Carley had a "delucion of conspiracy" for stating on her public access TV show that her son's sexual abuse was being covered up by authorites was found to have covered up sexual abuse by pedophile neurologist themselves ("Times Union article on Dr. Philips Riback"), necessitating that the NYS Legislature pass a law mandating that the NYS Medical Board turn criminal doctors over to the authoritites (NYS Law 542).

July 2008 American's Bulletin article investigating the corruption in the Joey Carley case (.pdf file)

A MESSAGE TO JOEY CARLEY, who lives in Bay Shore, Long Island, NY:

There is a storage vault full of legal documents I am saving for you to see how hard I tried to save you from the torture you are enduring. After going as high as the US Supreme Court, I realized the courts are totally corrupt...and there is nothing more I can do to rescue you from what you have and are enduring. A truckload of other documents are in my possession, so you can learn the TRUTH when the time is right...

With more love than words can convey,
Your Mom

"Anyone concerned that the NYS Attorney General's office is allowing abused children to continue to be abused by judicial order since judges have "absolute immunity", please write to (Mylan Denerstein is the Deputy Attorney General for SOCIAL JUSTICE) or call Forensic Investigator Robin Womack at the Criminal Investigation Division of the NYS Attorney General's office at 212-416-8781, and ask them:  "SINCE UNDER CHILD ENDANGERMENT LAWS IN NYS A PERSON IS GUILTY OF ENDANGERING THE WELFARE OF A CHILD IN THE 2ND DEGREE WHEN HE OR SHE FAILS OR REFUSES TO PREVENT HIM FROM BECOMING AN ABUSED CHILD, IS THE NYS ATTORNEY GENERAL'S OFFICE INVOLVED IN RICO (ORGANIZED CRIME) IN PROTECTING THE MASONIC JUDGES & PEDOPHILES RAPING CHILDREN IN NYS?
Spitzer represents that corrupt judge is IMMUNE. Apparently pedophiles occupy the highest government positions, which is obviously why Joseph Carley's pedophile father is being protected: CONSPIRACY OF SILENCE VIDEO.

Conspiracy of Silence 1

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Conspiracy of Silence 2

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Conspiracy of Silence 3

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Please e-mail any replies you receive to, as I am going to be contacting international journalists to cover the story of Joey Carley".


All truth passes through 3 stages:

1st - it is ridiculed
2nd - it is violently opposed
3rd - it is accepted as SELF EVIDENT

quote by; Arthur Schopenhauer