Dr. Rebecca (Roczen) Carley received her Bachelor’s degree in Diagnostic Ultrasound, attended medical school (and received the Samuel L. Kountz award for clinical excellence in surgery at graduation), and trained to be a general surgeon at State University of New York at Downstate Medical Center in Brooklyn. Dr. Carley also worked as an attending Emergency Room physician at Kings County Medical Center in Brooklyn (which is the primary training affiliate for Downstate students), and is the largest hospital (and busiest trauma center) in the United States.

Dr. Carley left the practice of General Surgery and “allopathic” medicine after realizing that no one was actually being healed of their diseases, and she started researching “alternative” medicine while taking time off to start a family.

After Dr. Carley’s only child was brain damaged as a result of inoculations he received, Dr. Carley learned how to reverse the damage with homeopathy and other natural supplements, and subsequently realized that inoculations of disease are causing the corruption in the immune system which leads to all autoimmune diseases and cancer. Dr. Carley has developed the Hippocrates Protocol which has successfully reversed all autoimmune diseases (including autism) and cancer in over 2,000 clients (including pets) over the past 9 years. She has written the definitive paper explaining the mechanism whereby inoculations with disease are causing VIDS (Vaccine Induced Diseases), which has been featured in multiple publications all over the world and is available under the title “Inoculations: the True Weapons of Mass Destruction” on her website at www.drcarley.com. She has offered a $10,000 reward for any vaccine promoter to come on her internet radio show and refute the documents she has authored. No one has stepped forward to do so. Dr. Carley has been qualified in court as an expert witness in VIDS, Legal Abuse Syndrome, Vaccinology, and child abuse.

Dr. Carley no longer “practices medicine”, but instead teaches clients nationally and internationally how to reverse their diseases using the Hippocrates protocol she developed. She also goes into the hospital as a patient advocate for clients who are not satisfied with the care their loved ones are receiving.

Besides being a guest on over 200 radio and television shows, for over 9 years Dr. Carley had her own weekly public access television show in Long Island, followed by a weekly internet radio show now on www.bbsradio.com (Station 2) on Thursdays at 8:30 PM EST and on www.republicbroadcasting.org on Wednesdays at 12 noon EST, all entitled “What’s Ailing America” (archives are also available for both internet shows). Dr. Carley is also available to give talks to interested groups to teach what she has learned about vaccine induced diseases, and how they can be reversed; and has developed a course through the “Hippocrates Academy” where interested students can learn and be certified how to do the Hippocrates Protocol developed by Dr. Carley, which reverses all autoimmune diseases and cancer in people and in pets using natural therapies.



Curriculum Vitae

Rebecca (Roczen) Carley, MD


Clinical Researcher in VIDS (Vaccine Induced Diseases), an area of medicine created by the CDC in their publication “Vaccine Information Statements; What You Need to Know”, publication # 99-6194 published on May 4, 2000 which discusses, on page 9, “vaccine related illnesses, disabilities, injuries or deaths”.


Dr. Carley has not only explained the mechanism by which inoculations corrupt the immune system and cause all auto-immune diseases and cancer in her white paper entitled “Inoculations: the True Weapons of Mass Destruction”; but also has developed the “Hippocrates Protocol”, which reverses all autoimmune diseases and cancer using natural therapies.


Dr. Carley has developed a course through the “Hippocrates Academy” where interested students can learn and be certified how to do the Hippocrates Protocol developed by Dr. Carley, which reverses all autoimmune diseases and cancer using natural therapies, in people and pets.


Dr. Carley is NOT licensed to practice medicine, and can never be licensed, as to do so would be a conflict of interest since licensure would force Dr. Carley to promote inoculations. Dr. Carley is not board certified as she is developing the specialty of VIDS, which IS the umbrella under which the specialties internal medicine, pediatrics and most of psychiatry actually reside.


ADDRESS: PO Box 9241

Hickory, NC 28603

PHONE: 828-294-0662

DATE OF BIRTH: August 15, 1954 Westfield, NY




Falconer High School, Falconer, NY 1966-1972


SUNY Health Science Center at Syracuse, NY 1972-1974

Associate in Applied Science, major in Radiologic Technology

Cum Laude

SUNY Health Science Center at Brooklyn, NY 1978-1980

Bachelor of Science, major in Diagnostic Ultrasound

Magna Cum Laude


SUNY Health Science Center at Brooklyn, NY 1983-1987

Doctor of Medicine

Awarded Samuel L Kountz award for clinical excellence in Surgery

Post Graduate

General Surgery Residency 1987-1991

SUNY, Health Science Center at Brooklyn, NY

Multiple “Alternative Medicine” Seminars and Courses 1997-1998

Developed new medical specialty, VIDS (Vaccine Induced Disease

Syndromes, which includes all autoimmune diseases and cancers),

and “Hippocrates Protocol” to reverse these conditions (patent pending),

after family member was vaccine damaged



General Radiologic Technologist 1974-1977

SUNY Health Science Center at Syracuse, NY

Special Procedures Radiologic Technologist 1977-1978

SUNY Health Science Center at Syracuse, NY

Diagnostic Medical Sonographer, Pediatric Echocardiography 1980-1981

Brookdale Medical Center, Brooklyn, NY

Research Assistant, Pneumococcal Reference Laboratory 1981-1982

SUNY Health Science Center at Brooklyn, NY

Diagnostic Medical Sonography, High Risk Obstetrics 1982-1983

Mount Sinai Medical Center, Manhattan, NY

Attending Emergency Room Physician 1989-1992

Kings County Hospital, Brooklyn, NY

Surgical House Officer 1992-1993

St. John’s Episcopal Hospital, Far Rockaway, NY

Clinical Researcher and Specialist in reversing VIDS (Vaccine Induced Disease Syndromes), 1998-present

Private Practice, Hickory, NC




Fetal Echocardiography: Present and Future Applications”, Solo Author

In: Journal of Clinical Ultrasound, Vol. 9, No. 5, May/June 1981, pp. 223-229.


Synopsis onFetal Echocardiography: Present and Future Applications”,

In: International Synopsis (Ob/Gyn Digest), August 1983, p. 1.


Book Review on “An Atlas for Echocardiographers-Two Dimensional Anatomy of the Heart”, In: Medical Ultrasound, Vol. 7, No. 3, p. 144


“Gastrointestinal Hormones in Disease” (Co-Author), In: Problems in General Surgery (Endocrine Surgery), Vol. 11, No. 1, March 1994, pp. 21-52; Ellison R, ed.; Philadelphia, PA: JB Lippincott Co.

“Inoculations: the True Weapons of Mass Destruction”, April, 2005. On: CDC website at http://www.cdc.gov/od/ophr/cdcra/comments.htm .


“Inoculations: the True Weapons of Mass Destruction causing Vaccine Induced Diseases (An Epidemic of Genocide) NOT published in any medical journal (as it would be a conflict of interest for the pharmaceutically controlled medical profession to admit they are creating disease). However, this article has been published on thousands of websites, and many “alternative medicine” publications.


“Response Of Rebecca Carley, MD to CDC’s Public Health Protection Research Guide 2006-2014”, submitted Jan 2006. According to the CDC, public comments will be “posted in near future” (still waiting for that to happen; the internal link to my document on the CDC site which initially existed for CDC affiliates to respond to it has since been disabled by the CDC after 100 pages of comments were submitted which were unable to refute the contents of said paper).




The Shepard Foundation, Inc.: for wholistic non-toxic treatment options and referrals for all degenerative diseases with emphasis on children with cancer


Institute of Pest Management: “safely solving today’s pest control needs with tomorrow’s technologies”




Honorary Co-Chairman of Physicians’ Advisory Board to National Republican Congressional Committee on Health Care Reform, 3/03


National Leadership Award, National Republican Congressional Committee, 6/03


Honored Member of Strathmore’s Who’s Who, 2002-03


Certificate of Appreciation from Voices of the Children “for displaying exemplary selfless dedicated service to the welfare of children”, 12/02




Vaccine Induced Diseases (VIDS)

Child Sex Abuse

Child Physical Abuse

Post traumatic Stress disorder secondary to Legal Abuse

Expert in Vaccinology as per NYS Department of Health




Biological Treatments in Autism Conference, Orlando, FL, May 1999


National Medical Association, “Integrating Alternative and Complementary Methods into Conventional Practice”, Washington, D.C., August 2000


Forum on Vaccine Induced Diseases sponsored by Shepard Foundation, New York, N.Y., November 2000


Forum on Vaccine Dangers sponsored by the National Action Network, New York, N.Y., January 2001


Vaccine Conference sponsored by the Common Cause Medical Research Foundation, Winnipeg, Canada, August 2001


Vaccine Conference sponsored by the Common Cause Medical Research Foundation, Windsor Locks, Connecticut, August 2002


Voices of the Children Conference, Poughkeepsie, N.Y., December 2002


Family Life Conference, Long Island, N.Y., 2003


Family Center for Chiropractic Vaccine Conference, Palm Bay, FL, October 2005


Vaccine Seminar, Melbourne Square Mall, Melbourne, FL, November 2005


Vaccine Seminar, Cocoa Beach Public Library, Cocoa Beach, FL, March 2006


Key note speaker, 15th Natural Foods/Health Expo, Cleveland, Ohio, April 2006


National Health Federation, Butler, PA, May 2006


Upper Cervical Chiropractic Conference, Charlotte, NC, December, 2007


Palmer School of Chiropractic, Davenport, Iowa, January, 2008




Besides her own public access TV show for 9 years in Long Island and Internet radio show broadcasts (both entitled “What’s Ailing America?”), Dr. Carley has been a guest on hundreds of other TV and radio shows discussing VIDS, including but not limited to the following:


CNN (International & National broadcasts);

Channel 12 News, Long Island:

Gary Null;

“Health Action”, Pacifica Radio Station, WBAI Radio;

The Zoe Show;

“Positive Perceptions” with Dr John Chissel;

“Urban Health Beat” with John Harris;

Wholistic Metro TV;

Various shows on the Genesis Communication Network;

African American Media Network;

Families in Transition;

Liberty Radio Network;


“Alternative Solutions for your well being” with Janet Russell;

“Natural Healing” with Dr. K.J. Padu;

Manhattan Neighborhood Network;

“Visions of Hope” with Father Pizzarelli

“Health Frontiers”, BBC Radio;

The Meria Heller Show (www.meria.net) ;

“Herb Talk Live” with Wendy Wilson

“What’s Right, What’s Left”;

American Voice Radio Network;

“WASB” radio;

“Impact on Your Health”;

“Against the Grain” internet radio

“Highway 2 Health” internet radio

“Secrets to Healthy Living” with Shannon Burnett of Conscious Living


“The Good News Health Show” with Dr. James Hopkins

“What’s Ailing America? Dr. Carley Responds” is presently on

www.bbsradio.com (Station 2) every Thursday evening at 5:30 PM PST (8:30

PM EST), as well as a 2 hour show on www.republicbroadcasting.org every

Wednesday at 9 AM PST (12 noon EST).