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Science of Vaccine Damage

The following outstanding article, proving what I have been saying for almost 12 years about how vaccines cause autoimmune disease and cancer, is indisputable.  I suggest you send this to everyone you know.

(Click here to view .pdf)

Thank God we have Doctors of Veterinary Medicine with a conscience who speak the truth, like Dr Patricia Jordan, whose book "The Mark of the Beast" about vaccine damage to companion animals will be published soon.  These veterinarians know that they could make a fortune by "treating" vaccine induced diseases...but instead, work to end the death and suffering of their patients caused by the sorcery of injecting a witch's brew called "vaccines".   Unfortunately, the MD's (medical devils as BJ Palmer, founder of Chiropractic called them), care not how much suffering their patients endure, as long as there is a Mercedes in their driveway.  They have allowed themselves to become puppets for Big Pharma.  You and your children are suffering and dying due to the fallout of this hypocrisy.

I hope many of you will show this article to your "white coats".  Ask them for their response.  Let me know how fast they run to the bathroom...

Continuing to put the TRUTH on top of the mountain of vaccine lies,
Dr Carley